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Liability Insurance

Making Your Liability Insurance Count

Everyone makes mistakes. Accidents happen. This is why you purchase liability insurance. Liability insurance provides the peace of mind that your insurance company is there to protect you when a claim is made against you that could result in financial disaster. This protection can come from your car insurance, landlord insurance, homeowner’s insurance, business insurance, and errors and omissions insurance. Liability insurance policies provide protection because they impose two duties on the insurance company: the duty to defend you even if the claims against you are false or fraudulent, and the duty to indemnify you. When it appears likely that a claim against you could exceed your policy limits, an insurer has a duty to try to settle the case within the limits to ensure that you and your assets are protected. In the event of a settlement or a judgment against you, your insurer must pay the amounts owed.

Stepping In When Insurers Fail To Honor Obligations

Liability insurance also serves to protect people and businesses who are injured or damaged by the conduct of others. If you are injured or your business is damaged due to the negligence of someone else, you have a right to seek compensation from those responsible. If you go to trial or arbitration and win a judgment, their insurance company has a duty to pay you and treat you fairly.

All too often, insurers fail to live up to their obligations. They either refuse to defend or refuse to pay a settlement or judgment that they owe. Sometimes, insurers will start out defending and indemnifying their policyholders, but then turn their backs on them by withdrawing from the defense or refusing to settle a claim. Some insurers will defend but then reserve rights to withdraw from the defense. Some will even file suit against their own policyholders to try to get money back.

Discuss Your Case With An Experienced Attorney

Over the years, Mannion Lowe & Oksenendler, A Professional Corporation has helped many clients with these kinds of problems. If you believe that your insurer has refused to defend you or your business, refused to pay all or part of a settlement or judgment, or even filed suit against you, contact us to learn how our lawyers can get you the coverage and protection that you are owed. We invite you to send us an email or call 800-724-6188 today.