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Insurance Coverage

You Pay Insurance Premiums For A Reason

The attorneys at Mannion Lowe & Oksenendler, A Professional Corporation in San Francisco handle all aspects of insurance-related litigation, including disputes over whether insurance coverage applies to particular first-party and third-party claims, and the unique issues involving professional malpractice insurance.

Providing Skilled Coverage Analysis And Litigation In The Bay Area

Many insurance disputes begin with an initial determination by the insurer that the claim is not covered under the policy. If this happens to you, let us analyze your policy on your behalf. If we believe the insurance company is mistaken, we may seek a declaratory judgment in court, where the judge may order the insurer to defend the insured.

Oftentimes, you only have to prove that a potential for coverage exists in order to win a declaratory judgment. The carrier may also choose to defend you under a reservation of rights, meaning that if a judgment is entered against you, the insurer may still allege that the claim is not covered and refuse to pay. Further litigation may be necessary at this point to hold the insurer liable for its duties under the policy.

Do you have questions about an insurance claim or dispute? Send an email to our experienced lawyers today.

Types Of Insurance Coverage

Our office handles cases dealing with all types of coverage, from car insurance to commercial policies to homeowner’s coverage, disability and health insurance policies and everything in between.

We also handle professional malpractice insurance issues for doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, and other professionals. Our lawyers are familiar with the many distinctions and peculiarities unique to reporting malpractice claims. For instance:

• Consent — Some policies allow the insurance company to settle without the policyholder’s consent or even over the policyholder’s objection.

• Hammer Clause — A policyholder who objects to a settlement and forces a trial may be held liable for attorneys’ fees and any adverse judgment amount in excess of the earlier settlement offer.

• Wasting Asset/Declining Limits Policy — The policy limits which would be used to pay any adverse judgment are reduced by the amount of attorneys’ fees and costs expended in defending the lawsuit.

The Experienced Legal Representation You Need

No matter what type of coverage or policy you hold, our lawyers have the background and skill to analyze your situation and assist you in resolving your insurance policy dispute. Contact Mannion Lowe & Oksenendler, A Professional Corporation today for a consultation with one of our experienced insurance law attorneys. Reach our firm by calling 800-724-6188 or sending us an email.