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Health Insurance

At its most basic, health insurance and health care plans pay or cover a person for the cost of hospital and medical treatment and care. Although there are differences in the rules and regulations that govern health insurers and companies that managed health care plans, both have an obligation to treat the insured or covered person fairly and in good faith.

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We Have The Experience It Takes To Resolve Health Insurance Disputes

Many disputes between health insurers or health care plans involve attempts by the company to limit or avoid the obligation to pay or cover by contending that the treatment was “not medically necessary” or “not authorized” or “out of network.” Even when their obligation to pay is clear, health insurers sometimes attempt to minimize their responsibility by arguing that the cost is “excessive” and not “usual and customary.” Located in San Francisco, Mannion Lowe & Oksenendler, A Professional Corporation has helped many clients’ battle health insurers to make sure that their expenses get paid and that they receive the medical care and treatment that they need.

Like in the case of life, accident, or disability insurance, health insurers often seek to deny coverage by arguing that the insured “misrepresented” on the application and, therefore, the policy is void at its inception. The issue of misrepresentation is often complex and cannot be resolved without closely examining what was represented or promised to the applicant, what was asked and then what was said in response, who completed the application, and what was expected under the circumstances.

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