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Disability Insurance

Based in San Francisco, Mannion Lowe & Oksenendler, A Professional Corporation stands up to the insurance companies when they refuse to pay, including denials of disability insurance claims and disability benefits. Disability insurance is there to help us through periods when we have become disabled and are unable to work, by providing benefits that make up for that lost income. Without these benefits, a family could be placed at risk of missing rent or mortgage payments, falling behind on bills and utility payments, and not being able to afford food, medicine, and other necessities. At times of crisis, we need our insurance to come through for us more than ever.

Do you have questions about your disability insurance claim? Send an email to our office today if you would like to discuss your concerns with an experienced lawyer.

When most people think of disability, they think of on-the-job injuries and benefits such as workers’ compensation and Social Security. These benefits may or may not come into play depending upon the nature and severity of your injury. Also, disability insurance may be something you have through your job, but it may also be something you carry separately, either as part of your life insurance, an umbrella policy, or as a stand-alone product.

Disability insurance generally covers you through a period of illness or injury when you cannot work, regardless of whether the illness or injury itself is work-related.

Fighting Unfair Disability Denials

Insurers have many ways they can attempt to deny your claim. They may deny that you are disabled or challenge the extent of your disability. They may also deny that the event which caused your injury or illness was covered under the policy. One tactic commonly used is to make a partial payment that does not fully compensate you under the policy. Many times the carrier would rather risk a lawsuit than pay all the benefits, gambling on the chance that you will not have the means or the will to pursue the claim.

Be very careful in talking with a claims examiner, either in person or over the phone. Claims examiners will record those calls and review them word by word, looking for any type of incriminating or contradictory statement that they may use to base a denial upon.

How Can We Help You?

If your insurer is misclassifying your injury, misrepresenting the policy, only making a partial payment, or using other tactics in bad faith to avoid paying benefits, contact Mannion Lowe & Oksenendler, A Professional Corporation to speak with an attorney experienced in standing up to the insurance companies and making sure they meet their obligations under your disability insurance policy. Call 800-724-6188, or send us an email today to reach our Bay Area legal team.