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San Francisco Attorneys Standing Strong Against Allstate

San Francisco Attorneys Standing Strong Against Allstate

An insurance policy is a contract. You agree to pay monthly premiums, and the insurance company agrees to compensate you when you have a legitimate claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies like Allstate often attempt to minimize, delay or even refuse to make payments. At Mannion Lowe & Oksenendler, A Professional Corporation, we take aggressive action on behalf of consumers when companies like Allstate fail to pay claims.

If you are having trouble getting Allstate to honor your claim, or if you are facing any type of insurance dispute, we invite you to send us an email today to learn how we can help.

Bay Area Law Firm Handling Claims Against Allstate Insurance

Allstate offers products such as:

When Allstate says that “you’re in good hands,” the company implies that it has your best interests at heart. This leads many consumers to accept compensation that is far less than their cases are worth or to believe that they have no recourse when the company fails to pay their claim. However, you do not have to accept the claims adjuster’s position — our attorneys can challenge statements or positions that insurance claims adjusters take.

Our lawyers have 70 years of combined experience in handling consumer claims against insurance companies. If Allstate failed to pay a legitimate claim, we can provide advice about your claim and recommendations as to whether you should pursue negotiation or litigation.

Learn How We Can Help

Our lawyers are prepared to take aggressive action against insurance companies like Allstate when they fail to pay claims. We welcome your questions. Contact our office in San Francisco by calling 800-724-6188, or send us an email. Our office is conveniently located in the Financial District.